Where is the blog etiquette?

Hi, I’m a busy updating my links here and making some few changes. Are you a blogger? If you are a blogger, till my next post spend some time thinking about “Why am I blogging?”. Is it for fun? Are you enjoy? Are you felling depressive with this? If your problem is blogging depression read What Everyone Should know About Blog Depression. Just wonderful.
I love to blog but sometimes I feel sad and angry. Why people say that read your blog and copy your links without any credit? It isn’t nice or smart. I should write this in Portuguese because I had few problems (that I saw) with people copying my links in Brazilians blogs that I know without any credit, just because I’m not a famous blogger or because I’m not part of “the group” – and I really don’t want to be part of that group.
Why am I saying this? Because there are some people that don’t know or don’t want to know about Blog Etiquette and a recent post on Cynical-C showed me this. But it’s enough for me. If you want to copy something it’s ok for me, I don’t give a damn anymore, but don’t say that you read my blog, don’t copy word by word of what I said and publish without credit, and be more humble if you stole links; don’t shout to everybody that you are the best, ok?
But back about blogging, Idelber Avelar published a very nice compendium about bloggers rights called Decálogo dos Direitos do Blogueiro (Portuguese) some time ago. And I have some more interesting links about blogging, just in case you didn’t see them, all posted previously on this blog:
A Bloggers’ Code of Ethics;
Be A More Productive Blogger;
How to blog by Tony pierce – to read and don’t follow all the tips;
How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)
EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers – about blogging in US but still interesting to read anyway;
Sample Blogger Code Of Ethics;
And this one is new (Google told me): Blog etiquette

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8 Responses to Where is the blog etiquette?

  1. Henry says:

    Don’t lose focus — your blog is to share and we all do.That is how it started and I appreciate it every day.Who else could amass such an array of things to look at??? surely no copycat! I look here not there!!!

  2. Bibi says:

    I don’t know if I have a focus here, but ok. I’m just very angry with a guy and that post of Chris makes me remember of that. Anyway, there are some nice links about blogs on the post too. 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah Bibi, we all have our days where we sit back and ask ourselves why we continue with this sometimes very taxing hobby. The thing is that I have always found it to be overall the most rewarding hobby I have had because it includes so many people from different countries, cultures, etc. I guess dealing with some rude behavior is the price we have to pay as more people visit our site.
    Personally, I am very happy that you have a blog and allow us into your world everyday and share with us the wonderful links that you discover during your travels through the net.

  4. Mark says:

    Like Chris, I find blogging a very rewarding hobby, for the same reasons he listed. It also makes me feel incredibly well-informed, and I guess that counts for something.
    What I notice about you, Bibi, is that you are a very gracious blogger. Not only do you display charm on your page, but you are generous with comments and compliments. This is a rare thing in the blogosphere, and certainly one of the reasons you have so many fans.
    Eu desejo-lhe o mais melhor, Bibi, e eu agrade?o-o sendo assim gracious.

  5. Bibi says:

    Thanks Mark! I just post things that I like and I just make comments when I like the blog or the person. SOmetimes I keep quiet because I don’t know what to say and I keep blogging because I love to discover and know more things. When I started to blog I knew just a little about comics and know I have a great univerver of wonderful things and much more to discover. And it’s just an example.
    I had to say this on the post but, well it’s here: Post a link it’s a way to say, “hey thanks for this great find!”
    And thanks again Mark even with the Google help.
    Hi Chris, it’s really incredible read a blog of someone in Sweden, Canada, Italy, Japan, Germany, Belgia, Mexico, Spain, UK and sometimes discover things about your country. This is one the incredible things that makes me keep blogging, not my real friends, not only my curiosity, that interaction is something wonderful.
    Thanks you both “boys”, for the suport, for the wonderful links and for your great blogs! Obrigada 🙂

  6. patricia says:

    I find today all my mimi photos (from agence eureka)on flickr ,some one take my photos ,put in black & white and post on flickr without ask me ,it’s not grave but not correct,no?

  7. Tom McMahon says:

    Bibi, you’re at the top of my blogroll! Keep up the great work, you are like a breath of fresh air.

  8. Bibi says:

    They have not nice behaviour Patricia. I’m sorry to hear that.
    Thanks so much Tom! I’m proud of be there. 🙂

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