The end of some link blogs

Some of you may had notice that Michelle left the link blogging and Life In The Present ist kaput. But she kept Tiny Bubbles and Captured, her blogs for poetry and pictures.
In the same week Mark said goodbye to the link blog Exclamation Mark and after some days decided to transform it into a cinema blog with reviews. The new blog is Exclamation Mark’s B-Movie Reviews and already has some nice reviews. But Check Mark and Christ Portrayed still work as usual.
MrBaliHai and Sebastian made posts about those news with some interesting notes. Sebastian talks about how he started his blog and MrBaliHai makes a reflection about link blogging.
One more blogger is “a little bored of blogging”: maledei. He left the blog, but I hope that he will come back, because he always had great links about art. I understand their reasons for leaving link blogging and about not being so fun anymore, but I will miss their blogs.
Things will still work here, more slowly, but I will keep going. I’m was a bit upset about people “stealling” links, now I’m upset about people using the images that are hosted on my server and posting some of the links that I suggested with my images (using my server again), without any credit. Since I’m hosted on a pay server, and there are many sites that offers free hosting, I’m not happy with people doing this. I’m also busy with other things, but I like to blog the way that I do. I won’t leave this any time soon, even with all those problems and the problems reported by Michelle, Mark, MrBaliHai and some others. And thanks for reading me.

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7 Responses to The end of some link blogs

  1. Sebastian says:

    Yeah, I bet one of those thiefs hotlinking complete entries may just be
    Am I right?

  2. Bibi says:

    No, they put a link to me, the others don’t. Some of those read my blogs, the others just found images on Google probably. I blocked some of those sites, most of them hosted on My spaces and Xanga. But there are always more. Google things: good is wonderful, but people using images directly from the search results isn’t so good.
    I think I will have to block everybody.

  3. MrBaliHai says:

    Bibi, I don’t know how many sites are going to quit general link-blogging, but I think it’s very likely that more and more weblogs will specialize in only a couple of topics that interest them and post only for a very specific audience. I’m becoming much more focused on tiki, lounge, and ephemera and I’ve seen a very large audience increase as a result, so I’d be stupid to go back to link-blogging.
    As for the image stealing, I’ve blocked Google image search completely in my .htaccess file, including the international versions.

  4. Mark says:

    I’m glad you’ve decided to keep link blogging, Bibi. I still enjoy reading link blogs; I just got tired of trying to find new things.
    Thanks for the publicity on my new reviews blog. I’m looking forward to building a large collection of reviews.
    Did you notice that I reviewed Target Earth? One of your posts inspired that one!

  5. curt says:

    How can you tell if someone’s hotlinking your pictures? I’m on blogger, so I’m not sure I’m affected at all if anyone does that to me.
    I post a lot of images, and I’m sure some of them get swiped without credit, but I know that google images brings a ton of traffic to my site, and if someone posts a pic on their site with a link back to groovy age, I always get a nice spike from that. Sure, it would be nice if everyone did their own scanning, screencapping, and uploading, but it’s not like I own the copyrights to any of these images.

  6. 1977 says:

    I don’t know, Sebastian. They could’ve hotlink the pic from my original post on this, but they have uploaded it to their own servers. They’re cool people as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Bibi says:

    Hi Curt, my boyfriend have more access to the informations about my blog, because it is hosted on the server of his company. And he saw that other sites were requesting the images diretly from my site. I changed one one the images for a message advice. 🙂
    And I blocked some other sites.
    They could at least copy the image and host it on a free server of images, there are many. If they want to copy the image without any credit ok, but not use my server. That is the big problem to me now.
    I don’t care for, they give me a lot of new visitors and I like it. But it’s clear that them copy, the others just copy, put on their blogs, forum, sites and no credit. I visit some of them and I found many images from boing boing (the boigboing address on them). I saw other cases too.

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