The Carpet People illustrations

The first version of Terry Pratchett’s book The Carpet People published in 1971 was illustrated by himself. Those original books are collector’s image, but the site has the original black & white pictures, coloured in by Terry with watercolour paint, scans of entire pages with dedications, doodles and illustrations and photographs taken in the launch party in 1971. Obligatory site for Pratchett’s fans. (via Drawn!)

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3 Responses to The Carpet People illustrations

  1. patricia says:

    hello Bibi
    I have post all the lost playmates i have time to take before the link come dead they are on “grenouille plus” i hope you like the girls

  2. Bibi says:

    The photos are cute and I though about post the link, but I will post the other link. Thanks Patricia. 🙂

  3. paul says:

    Nice image.I wish to shoot a have a photo of myself with a tiger.
    But i know it would not happen.

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