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Curiously, every time I say something is NSFW, that link has more visits than the others. Maybe you like them, or it’s just curiosity. As I haven’t posted any for a few days, I have a collection of these just waiting to be posted and It’s also a way to say sorry for disappear on you without warning. BTW, some are “more” safe for work, ok?

Afiches is a collection of Spanish adult movie posters from the 70’s on Flickr posted by Beltza Scene. I think that the title of some of those movies are more offensive than the images; some of them are very silly. (via Boing Boing)

Prostitution – Old Vintage Antique Postcard Postcards. Pictures, portraits and humoristic illustrations, all safe to look. (via mcguffin)

Superheldinnen – Cyber Fetish Art. Illustrations of women as aliens, insects, frogs, raptors, Smurfette and some more “normal” fetishes. Chio Maisriml is the artist with a lot of imagination that created those images since 1995. (via I sleep soundly…)

Vintage Balloon Fetish Looner Sex: vintage women playing with balloons & inflatable toys. Is this really a fetish? It’s too weird. (via Martin Klasch)

Vintage Wetlook: vintage pictures from 30’s till 90’s of wet women with clothes. I’m sure that this is a fetish. (via Jaf Project)

And if you like my post with Burlesque and exotics dancers you would like the videos with the same theme that Jorge, from o zombie comeu o meu blog found on Internet Archive: Variety Girls, Red-headed Riot, Indian Love Burlesque, Nora, The Quivering Torso, Blonde Stag Film, Brunette, Peeping Toms Paradise, Co-Ed Secrets Stag Film, Malibu Mermaid, Hot Number and Fighten Femmes Of France. They are all free and legal, but I recommend don’t watch them on the office.

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    Vintage delights

    Red-Headed Riot, Blonde Stag film, Fighten Femmes of France, Peeping Toms Paradise and Stripper Nora. Free to download. Via Bibi’s Box….

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