Interesting tool: Omnipelagos ~ meandering search engine, finds the shortest paths between any two things. I tried the connection between cat and chocolate and this was one of the results:


[Characteristics / Hunting and diet] Cats do ingest some vegetable matter, such as cat grass or catnip. Explanations on why vary.


[Medicinal uses] sedatives, and as antispasmodics. They are used to alleviate symptoms such as insomnia, stress, menstrual cramps


[Treatment for insomnia / Removing probable causes of insomnia] and similar, chocolate bars and other candy. Drink herbal teas or plain water instead of caffeine-containing liquids.


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3 Responses to Omnipelagos

  1. Uxor says:

    Who knew there was such a close connection between tofu and Tom Cruise!

  2. Bibi says:

    I don’t want to eat both 🙂

  3. johnnynorms says:

    an intriguing search engine. No connection between This and That, but that search was a bit flippant! You can get from Chalk to Cheese though..

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