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Announcing Movable Type 3.2: after many tests Six Apart released this new version. The new features are:
– Vastly improved installation and upgrade
– Unlimited blogs for all
– Special $30 discount for Personal Edition
– All your blogs in one place
– The best community management
– Find what you need
– Smart new styles
– A new generation of plugins
– The best support in the business
– Professional backing
Take a look at Style Library and Our 32 Favorite Features to find some more reasons to use it or update.
PS.: I said some time ago I said that I was thinking about moving this blog from MT to WordPress, but I gave up. I didn’t like the WP system that much, but I’m using it on my other blog, and I didn’t like it’s system for uploading images. Does anyone know of a good plugin for upload images for WP? I am still searching for one.
The problems with spammers that I had here have been solved, and after all those good news I have one more reason to stay with MT and update to this new version.

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  1. maledei says:

    as a picture plugin for wp: i’m using image browser”, and it works pretty well

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