More Ding Dong Song

Sorry for doing this, but I have to share it: Nude Video From World of Warcraft. Bizarre! It’s compilation of videos of The World of Warcraft characters with nude patch dancing the hit Ding Dong Song, aka Oh, You Touch My Tra La La, by Günther and The Sunshine Girls. If you don’t know this video you have to watch it; it’s the best video you ever seen in your whole life. (via Eye of the Goof)

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3 Responses to More Ding Dong Song

  1. mrbalihai says:

    Better than the Rocking Son of Dschinghis Khan? Impossible!…:-)

  2. João M. says:

    Melhor do que o Zlad de “Elektronik Supersonik”? Impossível! 😀
    Long Live Molvania!

  3. Bibi says:

    I didn’t say, Günther says on his site. 🙂
    Nothing is worst than the girls with the heavy machines dancing a song called Satisfaction.

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