Dictionaries of slang and swear words

I had a problem these days because I didn’t know the meaning of a swear word and asked what the word meant, but some people complained. After that incident I searched for some help and found it on Urban Dictionary. It is a slang dictionary with thousands of words and growing. But I searched for more and found The Alternative English DictionarySlang, profanities, insults and vulgarisms from all the world. A nice place to find not so nice words, it has a a PDF version, useful for vacations.
And there is more: a swearsaurus: The Art of Insults. Offensive jokes, an insulting slang dictionary, the world’s largest multilingual swearing archive of 165 languages, random insult generators – you’ll find them all here. I took a look on Brazilian Portuguese Language Swear Words page and I had some surprises. I didn’t know many of the words and expressions of the list and I can’t use most of them, because they are too rude for my taste, even when I’m very angry. I tried also the Portuguese Language Swear Words list but didn’t find some of my favourite expressions (no, I won’t write them here).

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4 Responses to Dictionaries of slang and swear words

  1. Eduardo Okuda says:

    Oi Bibi gostei @#%*&&!! dos insultos, principalmente dos japoneses, já que minha mãe nunca me ensinou. Bjs.

  2. José Filipe says:

    For many definitions you can try this in Google:
    It works wonderfully.

  3. pecus says:

    Schopenhauer escreveu “Como vencer uma discussão sem argumentos”. Para o caso de não dar certo, escreveu também “A arte do insulto”.

  4. Bibi says:

    A arte de insltar eu tenho pecus. Queria era a arte de argumentar. 🙂
    Ok José Filipe I will try. Thanks for the tip.
    Oi Edu, eu também gostei dos insultos em japonês, mas sei que faltaram alguns naquela página. 😀

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