Happy Birthday PCL LinkDump!

Christianity vs Satanism
Happy Birthday to PCL LinkDump that did one year yesterday. Congratulations Sebastian and keep up the good work! And to celebrate it there is a cool present to us: a compilation of MP3s called Christianity Vs. Satanism with 20 great songs available to download. Thanks! You have two weeks to download them, so don’t waste more time and go do it.
PS.: the link of the image goes to the PDF image of the front of the CD cover made by that Sebastian didn’t do. Who did?

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday PCL LinkDump!

  1. Sebastian says:

    Thanks Bibi! I appreciate it.

  2. Bibi says:

    You are always welcome Sebastian 🙂

  3. Sebastian says:

    But, hey! I didn’t do the cover art – it was someone else. But I wish it had been me!!

  4. Sebastian says:

    “Who did?”
    You will find out when you download the cover. He didn’t want to be credited on my blog. Just on the cover. He is just a very nice guy from Holland. And gifted!

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