Disney Tattoo Guy

Disney Tattoo Guy

Disney’s #1 Fan is George Reiger, also known as “Disney Tattoo Guy” because he has over 1,700 Disney Tattoo’s (as of April 1, 2005). His house has over 24,000 Disney Collection Pieces, but there are more reasons why he is the number 1 fan and they are explained on Top 10 Reasons why George Reiger is Disney’s Number 1 Fan. On his site you will find also a picture gallery of his tattoos, articles about him, pictures with Disney Characters and images of George’s Disney House. Between the articles there are some explanation about his tattoos, like:

So that’s where Dumbo is…
No, he’s on my rear end. But down there I do have Pinocchio and Mickey with a magic wand.

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3 Responses to Disney Tattoo Guy

  1. Claudia says:

    Puxa! Quantas tatuagens… isso deve doer à beça.

  2. Claudia says:

    Pois é… que é vivo sempre aparece. 🙂

  3. tom green says:

    your fucking crazy!!!!!

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