Vintage Paperbacks

Time Trap
Vintage Paperbacks: tons of vintage paperbacks covers with pages listed by theme, author, artist or publisher. I’m almost sure that you saw that site before; if you didn’t see the home page, maybe you saw some of the gallery images. I saw it many times, but it is too good to not post and I never took a good look on Science Fiction Paperback Covers session, so this is the day to post about it. I hope you enjoy the site if you don’t know or just take a second look there. (inspired by The Groovy Age of Horror‘s post)

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2 Responses to Vintage Paperbacks

  1. Gesiel says:

    Show o site… o cara deve ser um colecionador…

  2. Bibi says:

    No mínimo! Toneladas de imagens… eu já vi esse site melhares de vezes com links para página diferentes, mas realmante nã tinha xeretado na sessão de ficção científica. As capas são muito divertidas. 🙂

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