The Museum of Food Anomalies

Cute gherkin
The Museum of Food Anomalies is one of those cool weird sites that you have to see. I tried to post it some time ago, but I couldn’t open the page. Now it’s working with the great/bizarre gallery of food pictures. And if it isn’t enough you for you check out the Circus of Disembowelled Plush Toys on the Hanttula site. (via Popgadget)

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2 Responses to The Museum of Food Anomalies

  1. Sheila says:

    Eca! “Comidas anormais” Bibi! Hahaha! Adorei o seu memo cinematográfico e todos os óltimos posts. Continuo amando Bibi’s Box!!! :)) Beijos

  2. Bibi says:

    Oi Sheila, obrigada pela visita. Não é tão nojento assim, é mais bizarro e engraçado. E muito obrigada pelas belas palavras sobre meu blog.

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