The Golem (Der Golem)

Der Golem
Did I say that I love Internet Archive? Well, I love it! Now The Golem, the classic expressionist film directed ans starred by Paul Wegener is available to download. Super! Maybe someday I will find all those expressionists movies that I’m still looking for on Internet Archive.
Update: male.dei suggested a very nice German film portal link with sketches, poster and models from Der Golem. And if you like the silent German movies check out this link too.

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6 Responses to The Golem (Der Golem)

  1. João M. says:

    Eu achei por lá o Cão Andaluz do Buñuel, já viu?

  2. steff says:

    Make sure to read Gustav Meyrink’s ‘Der Golem’. I kind of wish Rodriguez would make that into a film, too, after just having seen Sin City.

  3. maledei says:

    it’s a great film. especially the expressionistic scenery is outstanding!
    check out the page on filmportal, (,,,,,,,,BEF9494ADD804C6FBFB2C578CDBE2F8E,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.html ). you can find a nice poster, scetches and models from the Filmmuseum.
    And Meyrink’s Der Golem also is one of my favourite novels, steff. i’m amazed to see it mentioned here!

  4. Bibi says:

    O Cão Andaluz eu vi algumas vezez e já vi que dá para baixar lá, só não coloquei aqui por preguiça mesmo. 🙂
    Thanks Steff, I will try. It’s no so easy find that stuff here. And about Sin City I saw last night: stunning! I love it!
    Thanks for the link maledei! And about see it here, well it’s no so strange because I love the German silent movies from the expressionism. One of my favourite, well it’s my favourite, cinema eras.

  5. steff says:

    the German full-text version is on projekt gutenberg. You may have to search around for an english full-text version. Hope you find it, it’s wonderful.

  6. Bibi says:

    Thanks Steff! 🙂

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