The Asylum

The Asylum …psychiatry for abused cuddlytoys is a awesome Flash game with super cute animations. On this amusing game you have to use different therapy techniques to treat the four patients, it’s lovely and a great way for you spend time. (via apophenia)
PS.: Who had the idea of selling those super cute characters? Now I want them!

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5 Responses to The Asylum

  1. mcguffin says:

    Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! 😀 Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. camille says:

    hi! found your site because i was searching for the plushies of Kroko. I’ve enjoyed reading through your posts! wherever do you get the links from all those flash or cartoons you’ve talked about?
    anyway, if you don’t mind can i link you on my site?

  3. Bibi says:

    NP , it was my pleasure. I lost 2 hours till finish the game. Really lovely. 🙂

  4. mcguffin says:

    psiquiátric per a ninos de peluix

    El manicomi

  5. mcguffin says:

    I’d like to trackback this entry, but I suspect my blog service is very precarious and I only can trackback with some limitations. Impossible to ping specific trackback urls as in Movable Type.

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