Personal PDF Library

Yummy! Personal PDF Library is a social site where people can find and post PDF archives. There are books, documents, texts, manuals, stuff to you make and more free PDF files. Create an account to add more PDFs, save the files to a personal library and add tags to any file. You don’t need to join to read or download the archives and you can sign the feed. BTW, here is the link to my library there, with The Beatles Complete Songbook.

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2 Responses to Personal PDF Library

  1. Eduardo Okuda says:

    Valeu, Bibi ! Só o songbook dos Beatles já é uma dádiva dos céus, e mais bonus ainda… Você salvou muitas almas do purgatório. Bjs.

  2. Bibi says:

    Ah é verdade, aquele song book já valeria a visite ao site, mas todo dia tem mais coisa. Assinei no meu leitor e fico vendo as novidades.

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