Charlton, DC Comics and DISH!

Phantom Lady Green Lantern
More links of comics, all “stoled” from Arboles muertos y mucha tinta:
Charlton Comics has many scanned covers of comics of this publisher. Most of them are horror comics.
DISH! The Female in Comic Book Art. It is devoted to the pictorial representation of the female in comic book art throughout the past six decades..
Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics is really amazing. Hundreds of scanned covers of DC comics; complete collections (or almost all complete) from 1935 (Golden Age) till 1992(Dark Age).

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3 Responses to Charlton, DC Comics and DISH!

  1. roberto says:

    thanks for the tip , Bibi!
    by the way, surely some of my links are from you… but i finish putting in my links collection and forgot about from where i get…
    so then i got to thank you for the great links you got
    (eu posso tratar de escribir en potugueis, mais eu lembro pouco do languagem… seguramente, saldra um espantoso portunhol =) so, better continue writing in english =)
    keep up the good work

  2. Bibi says:

    Hi Roberto, yes, a bit of portunhol, that’s why I never try, but I think that my Spanish is worst than your Portuguese. 😀
    About the link, no problem , you are welcome.And thanks for the very nice words. 🙂

  3. Babes in bustiers

    DISH! Celebrating the comic book female! (link from Bibi). A range of images, organized by genre….

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