I hate spam

I hate online poker, cassinos, porn movies, viagra, penis enlargement or any other kind of spam on my comments, trackbacks or email. Every day I lose 10 minuts (when I’m lucky) deleting spam from here, specially from the trackbacks, and from my email, because sometimes Gmail doesn’t “catch” them. And please don’t try to post stupid (I mean really stupid, not just silly or personal interpretation of something) or agressive comments here, because I’m back with my blocking IP method – 411 blocked IPs and counting. Sorry, but I’m very tired of spam here too.

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5 Responses to I hate spam

  1. Emmy says:

    I know how you feel.. :/ Thankfully, Typepad now have a moderator option, so that no comments are posted on the blog without my approval. Before that, it was horrible with the trackback spam too. And my blog is just a small one.. It must be 100 times worse with yours. 🙁

  2. Bibi says:

    Well it blocks the old posts, but the spammers post 20, 50, sometimes 100 comments and I have to delete all, because even not approved they still there for moderation. But the trackback is worst: MT-Blacklist doesn’t block them and copy all the IPs to make sure that them will not use that IP again.
    I can choose the selection to all the new comments have to be approve before, but happily the spammers like the old posts.

  3. João M. says:

    O WordPress tem uns plugins anti-spam muito interessantes, além de uma lista negra. Já tem uns 4 meses que não recebo spam de comentários ou trackback.

  4. MrBaliHai says:

    Bibi, I got so tired of TrackBack spam that I deleted the .cgi file that Moveable Type uses to generate the TB entries. I very rarely got any real pings, so I’m not missing anything.
    To get rid of referrer spam, I use a .htaccess file in the root directory of my account to filter out keywords it blocks about 99% of the spam when it’s set up correctly.
    I don’t receive a lot of comment spam because I use a Moveable Type plugin that closes the comments on all entries that are more than 5 days old.

  5. Bibi says:

    Ok João, Só preciso de um tempo para instalar essas coisas. Tava um bocado ocupada essas semana. E como disse antes importam 1760 entradas não será tão fácil assim. Ao contrário da maior parte dos blogs as pessoas olham muito os meus arquivos então nem posso pensar em deixar as entradas antigas aqui.
    Hi MrBalihai,
    I have to ask to mr. “boyfriend-administrator-who-has-the-password-to-the-server” to change that for me. I asked to him intall some plugins a long time ago, but, well, he didn’t. I have to ask again. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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