Do Your Worst

Heather picture for do your worst
Do Your Worst is a Flickr group to submit the WORST FACE EVA where worst means: Ugliest, Most Contorted, Not Smiling, I Mean Really As UGLY As You Can Get It. As a new group they need of more photos: help them! And thanks; I want to see more funny faces there. (via FlickrBlog)
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2 Responses to Do Your Worst

  1. vivi or bibi says: friends nickname for me is bibi so i typed it into google and didnt expectthis to come up. i have some pretty embarrassing pics of me and my buds but dont no how to getit on here, so ill save us all from totall humilliation. (even tho that is fun):-)

  2. Costello says:

    Bibi, linkei seu ótimo post sobre o Mahir lá no Ouvido Penico. Estou fazendo (yet another) uma retrospectiva memética. Valeu pela pesquisa muito bem feita!

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