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International Children’s Digital Library has hundreds of complete scanned images of children books from all over the world to read online. I loved the illustrations of most of them, but my favourites are the books with Persian / Farsi as language, like this book with Leaves. (via Agence eureka)
BTW, check out this new blog Agence eureka with great images and links, and her other blog des chapeaux.

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2 Responses to Children books

  1. patricia says:

    merci, thank you for the link to “des chapeaux” and “agence eureka” , i’m very happy if you like my blogs and of course i love bibi’s blog to and come every day see what’s news

  2. Bibi says:

    De rien Patricia. Je vous remercie pour le link. 🙂
    C’est fantastique. Je adorais! Et vos blogs sont très intéressant toujours avec belles images.
    Et merci pour la visite.
    PS.: sorry if there is something wrong, but I need more French classes 😉

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