Zombie links

Night of the Living Dead
Via Incoming Signals two useful links about zombies:
The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, because you have to be prepare when they start the attack. Don’t forget to look the links to find more about, for ex. All Things Zombie.
Zombie Eat Brains: a blog written by zombie. If you know what a zombie think you can attack his/her weak points. (But the zombie said that he has no weak points).
And I have some more suggestions:
The Orkut community Zombie Survival Tips. There are many topics and links there, like Self-Defense Against Zombies.
More blogs that talk about zombies sometimes: Exclamation Mark, Mondo Schlocko, M Valdemar, O zombie comeu o meu blog and The Groovy Age of Horror. And you can take a look on the films about zombies also, they have good tips of defence.

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3 Responses to Zombie links

  1. Zombie Tom says:

    Thanks for the link! And by the way, I have no weak points. Unless you consider my predilection for eating brains a weakness. Which I don’t.

  2. Bibi says:

    No? Ok, just don’t eat my brain, ok? 😉

  3. The Leper says:

    Go check out my forums about zombies.

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