Papercraft Haunted Mansion Model

Haunted Mansion Model
I love papercraft stuff, and this one is very cool: Haunted Mansion 3D Model. You just need to create an account and download it for free. It doesn’t require much talent: just do there, download the PDF model, print, follow the instructions, cut, paste and assemble. It’s full of details (lovely!), but I think that even I can do that. (via Boing Boing)

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2 Responses to Papercraft Haunted Mansion Model

  1. Ray Keim says:

    Bibi, I hope you enjoy the model!
    If it turns out, please send me a photo of it!
    Ray Keim
    (creator of the paper mansion model)

  2. Bibi says:

    It’s super cool and beautiful. I will try to assemble it, but I’m fighting with the printer on the last weeks. Anyway, Thanks for the great model. 🙂

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