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My Flickr Badge
I have to confess: I love memes! And this Flickr Badge. On that group, that is growing very quickly, there are some instructions about how to create your badge and post it. As Kevin said, it is a a very fast moving meme.
Take a look also on this other group about Flickr Badge In Use. Print, put you signature, use it and take a picture to send! I post a picture there, but first I need to buy ink for my printer. (Thanks Kevin!)

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2 Responses to Flickr Badge

  1. Kzenon says:

    Well, I never really understood the point in joining the flock and doing things simply because everybody else is doint it too. There is a certain cosy feeling, I know, in being part of “something big” or so, but is this such a thing?

  2. Bibi says:

    For fun. 🙂

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