Billy Wilder

Sunset Boulevard
I was searching for some information about Billy Wilder and I have to confess that I’m a bit disappointed. Or Google is totally crazy or the true is that there isn’t a fabulous site about him, as I hoped so. Even the Wikipedia article about him is shame, or the problem is the cinema session there? Anyway, I found some nice links about him and his films, but this stupendous screenwriter and director deserves a wonderful page.
Billy Wilder biography on German-Hollywood Connection site, with the complete list of films, books and many links.
Billy Wilder: a Reel Classics with information about his films, images of posters, audio (MP3), video of short scenes (.AVI and .MOV), awards and links.
Billy Wilder: nice article of Senses of Cinema about him. The site has also more four articles about his films here, here, here and here.
Billy Wilder: About Film Noir – an interview focused on his noir films Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard and Ace in the Hole with a few but beautiful photos of these films.
Film Noir Directors: Billy Wilder – short biography and two pages of his films Double Indemnity and Sunset Boulevard with pictures, summary and review.
Posters and pictures (62 images) of his films (many Audrey Hepburn’s photos from Sabrina) listed by Rotten Tomatoes.
Sunset BoulevardThe online tribute to Billy Wilder’s classic tale of the Golden Era of Hollywood.

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2 Responses to Billy Wilder

  1. jgarcía says:

    Fantástica información… buen trabajo Bibi.
    Para mí no ha existido otro como director de comedia como Billy Wilder. Eso es humor…

  2. Bibi says:

    Gracias JGarcía. 🙂
    Wilder was fantastic, and his scrips were amazing. I love his work.

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