Paul Laurence Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar Digital Collection with images of book covers, a complete biography, his poetries, photos, images and text of libretti and more trivia.

Paul Laurence Dunbar, born in Dayton, Ohio, on June 27, 1872, was the first African-American poet and novelist to attain international recognition. Dunbar was known for his use of dialect, but was also an accomplished poet and novelist in standard English. At age seventeen he published his own newspaper, the Dayton Tattler, an African-American newspaper printed by his high school classmate and friend, Orville Wright. His first book of poems, Oak and Ivy, was published in 1893. The book contained Dunbar’s first dialect poem, “A Banjo Song.” Dunbar published numerous books of poetry, novels and music during his career. He died in Dayton on February 6, 1906.

Visit also the Paul Laurence Dunbar Homepage, Paul Laurence Dunbar Scrapbook and Paul Laurence Dunbar Collection– a great photographic collection with a lot of material about him.

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  1. libby says:

    wow!! i live about 30 minutes from dayton, ohio AND the high school that bares his name and most people there don’t have a clue who this man is. you live thousands of miles away and enjoy his work. congrats on your broad interest in the arts. also, i love your site, good hair, too!(yours that is, not the site’s!?)

  2. Bibi says:

    Hi Libby, thanks for all the nice words and the visit! 🙂
    I heard about him on a site and searched for something more. I like poetry too, a lot. Maybe I have to post more about poetry, about some Indians, Portuguese, Italian and maybe Brazilian poets.
    I usually tried not post only about art, but sometimes is very difficult (I can’t resist!).

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