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Typedrawing is a funny tool to you draw with the words. You can try it or just take a look around and see the other works there (there are some cool creations).

This is one of the easy way of showing one’s word. You can say anything with your letter by drawing them. Fell free to represent your types and words to say. It’s easy and funny thing.

And about my draw above, I know that I don’t have any talent for draw.

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4 Responses to Typedrawing

  1. Johnny says:

    You did a much better drawing job then i managed to do anyway.

  2. Bibi says:

    WOW! Are you sure?
    That’s is one of my best draws. I can do a sun and clouds too. 😀

  3. Johnny says:

    I tried clouds and rain (thats the weather in Stockholm right now) but it did’nt look good.

  4. DAMIAN JORGE says:

    me gustaria saber si puedo bajar y de donde un demo de el programa typedrawing. soy estudiante de diseño grafico multimedial yme gustaria experimentar con tu el program que me parece interesante para muchos usos vinculados con mi estudio. desde ya les agradecere la atencion…gracias…

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