The Dancing Building

The Dancing Building

This amazing building, The Dancing Building, built by the architects Milunic and Gebry, from 1994 to 1996, was baptised as “Ginger and Fred” by the inhabitants of Prague. Lylla Lausanne, that took the photo, says:

The frontage giving on the Jurasek place is formed by the left tower out of glass pointing out the gracious movements of the Ginger dancer, whereas the right concrete tower with steel cupola at the top points out the Fred dancer.
The cupola out of metal tubes covered with a stainless sheet net, evokes the head of the jellyfish.

To see some more fantastic buildings and constructions visit The Architecture Pool on Flickr. (via SnarkySpot)

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  1. monkeyman says:

    😀 I would live in a building like that if i could!

  2. Bibi says:

    Good idea. 🙂
    And probably some friends will be jealous. 😀

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