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The Sith Sense
Last week was a great week for new Star Wars links. I posted some links related with it before here, here, here and here, but there are some new that I collected these days, just in case you had lost any of them:
Star Wars: Blogs (via El Aleph)
Video of Yoda singing. (via El Aleph)
How to Make a Jedi Robe (via Feito à Mão)
Star Wars Asciimation (via
Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes (via IWR)
Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props (via MAKE)
Star Wars Trivia Quiz (via Incoming Signals)
Star Wars Radio Ads from 1977 (via SnarkySpot)
Medialab R2D2 Team (via we make money not art)
Star Wars photoshopping contest (via Boing Boing)
Photos tagged with starwars on Flickr. (via FlickrBlog)
Star Wars Last Supper painting (1280×1024 px), 1024×768 px and 800×600 px. (via stationsvakt)
Star Wars gets ‘record’ release, New Star Wars film breaks records and check the other related links on the right side.
And The Sith Sense: a neat variation of 20Questions with Darth Vader “making” the questions and some comments, by Burguer King. (Thanks André!)

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