Optical Toy: pre-cinematic toys

Old Mother Goose

Optical Toys: flip books, paper toys and antique book reproductions.

Optical Toys is a company devoted to producing a unique array of pre & proto-cinematic toys as well as an ever growing array of paper toys. I produce both antique reproductions as well as put some “new wine” into the old bottles.

Many cool things to play, those kind of pre-cinema optical toys that I love. (via Paper Forest)

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One Response to Optical Toy: pre-cinematic toys

  1. Khevyn says:

    perhaps some one can help me. I am looking for the name of a very old optical toy. I will do my best to describe it. if anyone knows the name of it please email me…its very important to me.
    The actual Toy itself is shaped like a large shoe box with the top removed, and comprised of 5 or more slides, each depicting a different visual element in a tableau. Looking down into the box from above you only see thin slides sporatically spaced between the front and the back of the box…(similar to how hanging file folders look in a filing cabinet). But when you look through the small opening in the front of the box, the visual elements on each of the seperate slides seem to create one coherent scene.
    One person told me that the item Im refering to is a “Camera Lucida” from the 1800s, while someone else thought it may be a stereo opticon from the early 1900s. Upon research of both of those items, i am sad to say that it is neither. As you seem to know more about antique toys, I am turning to you for some hope in findout what the name is of this fascinating toy.
    Thank You.
    Art Student,
    Parsons School of Design

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