Most Popular Movies and Books on Orkut

Most Popular Movies on Orkut
5 Must Watch MoviesThanks Orkut! In the article the author describes how he used Perl to generated a list of most cited books and movies from the profiles of the people who are connected to him at Orkut. It’s an interesting and clever way to make these lists. BTW, the most popular books on Orkut are:
1. Fountain Head;
2. Da Vinci Code;
3. The Godfather;
4. Catch 22;
5. Harry Potter Series.
And the 10 most popular movies are:
1. Life is Beautiful;
2. Matrix;
3. DDLJ;
4. Shawshank Redemption;
5. Sholay;
6. Forrest Gump;
7. Gladiator;
8. Anand;
9. Braveheart;
10. Titanic. (via MAKE)

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