Lightable and LED Table


I found a very neat table to my room: Lightable by the designers Julian Appelius and Fabien Dumas.

Via “total reflection” light (LEDs) is transmitted through the glass top, not visible for the human eye. Placing an object, capable to transmit light, on the glas surface, by neglecting the meeting surfaces through complete flush contact, light emits from the glas surface and enlights the object.

LED Table

Now I’m thinking about how my cats will react over that table. Another cool option is the LED Glass Table by the Ingo Maurer.

a glass dining room table that comes embedded with 278 white, blue, or red LEDs. The table is designed so that the LEDs don’t look as if they’re wired up, something which gives them the appearance of simply floating in air.

(via we make money not art and Engadget)

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