International Superheroes

Superargo La Louve
International Superheroes is wonderful! Many images and information about superheroes in different countries – Brazil too. I remember of many of them, like the Spectreman and his enemy, that blonde monkey that moves the arms in a stupid way which name I don’t remember Dr Gori (Thanks João!); Knight Rider; The Ultramen, Tetsuwan Atom and Dangermouse. Did I say that this page is very cool? (via Life In The Present)

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3 Responses to International Superheroes

  1. Sean says:

    Very cool, indeed.

  2. João M. says:

    O inimigo do Spectreman é o Dr. Gori.

  3. Bibi says:

    Valeu João, eu não sabia qual deles era a macaca loira. 😀
    Yes Sean. 🙂

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