Fantomas - Italian edition Fantômas de Verrader Fantoma nin Asklari

I’m still searching for this comic: Fantômas. Well, they are not really comics, they are more like pulp books. Anyway, I didn’t find the any book to buy, or at least to read, but I found some links about it.

The Fantômas novels, written by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain, were originally published in Paris by Arthème Fayard monthly from February 1911 to September 1913.

Fantômas: The Fantômas website is devoted to the Lord of Terror, the anti-hero of the French detective thrillers. There are many interesting information, images of the original book covers, articles, the novels based on it, films (the Feuillade’s films), Fantomas and the avant-garde and other curiosities.

The Friends of Fantomas / Societe’de amis de Fantomas. Some information, links and something more.

Fantômas: French site fool of interesting information about it. Ignore all the animated gifs and take a look around (or all the pages), specially this page with all the covers of the 1st edition and editions from other countries and this one with Romans photos inspired on the first edition of Fantômas. Super!

PS.: se alguém daqui de São Paulo souber onde eu posso achar por favor me avise. Nas lojas online brasileiras não achei nada nenhuma versão francesa, só italiana.

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2 Responses to Fantômas

  1. Soilworker says:

    Yeah unfortunately the english editions are not in print. In fact they are only available as very rare and expensive first editions from 1915.
    Though the first two books, “Fantomas” and “The Silent Executioner”, were reprinted in 1987. Those are available much cheaper. Search for them at or any other used books store.
    Also take a look at
    They have the first two Fantomas stories as audio books. You can download the low quality versions for free.

  2. roberto says:

    I think tyhat i can get you a copy of the first Fantomas novel in spanish . There was an edition of fantomas in the 80`s that i think that i can get it…
    i tried to find some fantomas online, but i cannot get
    and yes, Fanotmas is one of the greats characters of the french pulp fiction

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