Cool French Comics

Meteor Le Maìtre du Drapeau Bleu
Cool French Comics is a wonderful site full of information about French comics and pulp literary heroes. I discover many interesting things to read there: the problem now is just where to find them. Some curious pages to visit there: Tintin contre Batman, Lucky Starr by Isaac Asimov, Frankenstein by Jean-Claude Carrière, Judex and Les Vampires both by Louis Feuillade, Rouletabille by Gaston Leroux and Fantômas – a classic.
If you have a specific interest in pulp literature and the French heroes of those books, visit French Wold Newton Universe on the same site. Or for a faster version go to the Timeline. This site is really fantastic.
PS.: Curt has this link too, and some more groovy links about comics there. If you don’t know The Groovy Age of Horror take a look there.

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4 Responses to Cool French Comics

  1. curt says:

    I’m looking for them too–and finding them is indeed a problem!!

  2. Bibi says:

    If you can’t find them there my chances here are lower. 🙁
    We don’t have many places to find this kind of thing here and I live in the biggest city of the country! I just know one huge store that sell comics here.

  3. Ana Lucia says:

    Bela dica Bibi, vou lá fuçar. Aqui talvez seja fácil de encontrar alguns deles. Beijocas.

  4. Bibi says:

    Talvez seja mais fácil mesmo. Tentarei achar na Comix aqui de qualquer forma Ana. Beijinhos

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