Bibi is learning French

Yes, I’m back after a short unintentional break. I was (and still) busy with my new French classes: I’m very excited with them! These days were spent doing some things that I had to do a long time: getting a life, or something very near of that, and using the computer for things related with my new classes.
Good things about this blog on the last days: I have some more new links to this blog (thanks folks) and Google Directory is telling me that finally this blog belongs to a category (but I can’t find it there). The bad part of all: unfortunately I wasn’t reading my feeds so I lost many cool things these days.
Anyway, if you have any interest in French I found some neat links:
19th-Century French Women Poets: few writes, but interesting works to read (there are some poetrys).
Argot Français: French Slang – texts and audio.
French Word-A-Day: a new French word everyday with the meaning, expressions, citation and/or a small text with the word.
Learn French: French Language at The site is wonderful: full of information, texts and audio files. For small doses everyday try the feed subscription.
Le Français Coolun trés cool BBC link about French slang with audio too.
Wikipédia:Portail Cinéma – a lot of information about cinema on Wikipedia.
PS.: any tip about French are welcome. Be free to make suggestions, if you know something about it.

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2 Responses to Bibi is learning French

  1. Danny Kaye says:

    Will you be changing the “B”s in your name to “G”s?
    Just a thought.

  2. Bibi says:

    Oui, Gigi c’est trés French. 🙂
    It’s a like silly, but beautiful to see and a cool movie.

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