Urbanudismo - desnudArte
Urbanudismo (urbanudism)- desnudArte. The Argentine actress, performer, model and ballerina Avril X is the women behind this project. The idea is merge art, liberty, theatre and photographic essay on performances on the streets of urban cities without clothes. All her performances are documented by photos and sometimes videos that you can see on the site. There are other participators also but most of them are men; maybe the women are more shy.
Do you want participate on her next urbanudismo work? Just send and email to her . There are some very nice photos of this interesting work there. BTW, I will send an email to her and before you open the site, it is NSFW. (via Folha de São Paulo)

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2 Responses to Urbanudismo

  1. Sónia F. says:

    Que bela ideia para um projecto de fotografia em Lisboa. 🙂 Obrigada pelo link ao blog.

  2. Bibi says:

    Eu achei algumas fotos bem bonitas mesmo.
    Sobre o link: de nada, ou melhor you are welcome.

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