Shop Horror – Funny Shop Names

Shop Horror – Funny Shop Names. The Best of the Worst in British Shop Names. The names are really bad and it was difficult chose a photo and I’m not so sure if someone wants a bitter end after drink. Anyway, if you like the site you can buy the book – it that has an appropriated introduction:

There is a menace lurking in the streets of Britain. […] Something that offends the decency of right-thinking people. Innocently going about their business, they are suddenly confronted by this horror. They stand petrified, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
That menace is the shop with a pun-based name.
These attempts at store-front comedy lie scattered the length and breadth of this country. Their abuse of humour and language cause stomach-churning, cringe-inducing reactions whenever encountered. […]

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One Response to Shop Horror – Funny Shop Names

  1. James Earls says:

    Thanks for this link. I went to the site and bought the book. It’s really really funny. There’s hundreds of photos of very funny shops like the florists called Austin Flowers or the second-hand record store called The Vinyl Resting Place.
    Thanks for the link

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