Nominees for the 9th Annual Webby Awards

9th Annual Webby Awards
The 9th Annual Webby Awards Webby Awards nominees have been announced. You can vote for your favourites on People’s Voice. The nominees on the Blog category are: Boing Boing, Flickr (Is it a blog? Since when? – it’s a wonderful tool, but it’s a not a blog), hicksdesign, World Changing and The Snowsuit Effort. You know who I’m voting for, don’t you?
Update: I almost forget to say, you have to check the best category there – Weird with Brandon Bird, Subservient Chicken (try some words there to have fun), Dreamies, Rathergood (great site with lots of funny and weird videos) and Car Stuck Girls (the site that won the last Webbys on this category).

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2 Responses to Nominees for the 9th Annual Webby Awards

  1. Sebastian says:

    I’m sorry, but you’re wrong about flickr. It’s a great blog! You better check it out. You’ll find the link at the flickr startpage. It’s called flickr blog.

  2. Bibi says:

    But it’s not Flickr blog, it’s Flickr. Flickr is really wonderful, but is not a blog.

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