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Happy Friday Cat Blogging!
This week there are some interesting, funny and cute links. And because today is April Fool’s Day let’s start with something fun: The Mows – Daily Cat Cartoons.
The Mows
I know that some people love cats but are allergic to them, what is very sad. I found this BBC article that can be useful for them and people that have cats: Cat allergies ‘could be blocked’.
Still talking about health, Adam Messinger find a useful site about Emergencies caused by illness in pets.
If you have just one cat, what usually is not good (cats like to play to other cats and have cat company), and want to one more, there are some tips about what do this on Adding Another Cat To Your Household.
This could it be joke, but it isn’t: CatflexingThe Catlover’s Guide to Weight Training, Aerobics, & Stretching.
There are more curious cat stuff there: Test Your Cat’s Creative Intelligence (a handy little home test that you can use to determine whether your little precious has the potential to be a world-class artist), Psycho Kitty? (Understanding Your Cat’s “Crazy” Behavior), Why Cats Paint (A Theory of Feline Aesthetics) and Pawmistry (How to Read Your Cat’s Paws).
Cats and history: Tales of the Middle Ages – True stories, fables and anecdotes from the Middle Ages.
And the beautiful cat of the week is Morris:
More cute cats, beautiful and curious animals on Friday Ark. Have a great week and don’t forget to make some jokes or laugh a lot today.

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