More stuff for Flickr users

Great news from Flickr: New prices, Freebies and Rock. What’s new?

On Free Accounts the limits will be doubled for uploads and archiving, i.e. 20 MB a month in uploads, 200 photos will be archived and available through the site.
Everyone who already purchased a Pro account at the old price ($41.77) prior to the switchover today, will receive the following upgrades:
*If you have a 1 year pro account it will be extended to 2 years (if you bought a 2 year Pro account it will be extended to 4 years)
* 2 invites for 1 year Pro accounts to be given to anybody you want to give them to (that is, anybody except people who’ve already got a paid Flickr account, and/or yourself).

There are some more news on FlickrBlog. BTW, I know a lot of people that have a Pro account, so if you have one and don’t know who to gives it to, I would accept it! Honestly, I want one of those invites.

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