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No more April Fool’s Day, this is the last. If you want to know more links here are the links: and Between the many links there, I chose some very cools links that I liked (and didn’t post yet):
Never Nude
MSN Search Spoof
April Power Hacks!
How to put on pants
Cisco to merge with Nabisco
W3C Bans DIV and SPAN Tags
RFC On New Internet Routing Protocol
Scientific American: Okay, We Give Up
10 stories that could be pranks – but aren’t
Opera Announces Platform-Independent Real-Time Speech Technology
Apollo bacteria spur lunar erosion – Images reveal worrying cracks in the face of the Moon.

Of course you can read these and some more links on the amazing Slashdot, with geek and cool comments. But, be careful, there are some angry slashdoters about all the jokes there. Here are some April Fool’s Day entries posted there:
KDE Moves to BitKeeper
First PC Virus Spreads to Humans
Apple and PalmOne Release iPodTreo
Privacy Violation in Italian Media Giant
Say ‘Cheese’ to Google Satellite at 10AM
Star Wars Holiday Special Released on DVD
Trey Parker and Matt Stone Save Enterprise
Apple Releasing Home Media Center: iHome
New Spam-Scanning Technology Finds Spam
U.N. Decides to Shut Down Internet Permanently
Tiger Woods Signs Deal To Be Apple Spokeperson

And just in case you lost something try Urgo’s list of April Fool’s Jokes on Websites. I don’t know if all the links are there, but the list is very useful.

And my favourite among all those links: Say Hello to Bloggy!.

Inspired by Clocky, the automated clock robot, ibiblio ProductLabs invented Bloggy, a mobile, autonomous blogging robot. Are you too tired to blog? Do you not have enough to say? Bloggy solves all your problems by blogging for you! From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, Bloggy will follow you around and record all of your events to share with the world! With Bloggy, you’ll never again worry about having a boring blog.

Now, back to the normal posts about art, photography, cinema, Internet and curious things.

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