Asian Horror Encyclopedia

Asian Horror Encyclopedia

Green: The color green is persistently associated with ghosts in Chinese and Japanese supernatural lore. In Chinese poetry, the lamp light turns green when spirits are about. Vampires often have green hair or green discoloration from decay. This association of horror with green has considerable parallels in the West. One of the most notable are the James Whale film Frankenstein which had its more lurid sequences tinted green in some early prints of the film. In Stoker’s Lair of the White Worm, the approach of the giant snake was always heralded by a ghastly green illumination. Green color effects also appear in Poe and Lovecraft as well as other masters of the genre.


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  1. T. P. Keating says:

    You item about green and its association with horror was very interesting. Not least, because I choose green for the cover of my recently published vampire book, Bleeding Hearts: The Diary of a Country Vampire, which is available from Viva curiosity!
    T. P.

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