Abandoned amusement park

Abandoned carousel
Pictures of abandoned amusement parks in Japan (Tsuga?) and Berlin. Some very nice shots. (via we make money not art)

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2 Responses to Abandoned amusement park

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  2. Flaton SHEHAJ says:

    How are you? I’m working as a manager in a Luna Park that is placed in the city of Vlora in Albania. Our Luna Park is oponed before 3 years. And we have placed there just 6 kiddie rides. And now we want to make another step in our park. We want to establish any ride for older people than kiddie ones. And first of all we want to buy a scooter pavillon include its bumber cars. But I am intersted to see what else you can offer to us. Please sent me some photos and prices of your rides. I’ll be waiting for your answer.
    Kind regards!
    Flaton SHEHAJ
    Home phone: 003553333146

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