Babelplex Bilingual Google Search:

Babelplex is a bilingual search service that searches the web in one language and in another language via a cross-language information retrieval system utilizing Google Translate for translation and utilizing Google for search. Sort of like plugging a Babelfish into a search engine to do bilingual search.

(via The Unofficial Google Weblog)

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2 Responses to Babelplex

  1. Tangible says:

    That is very cool.. I haven’t heard of that yet. All this time I’ve been using AltaVista’s bablefish. Now I think I have a replacement 😛
    (Your comment was denied for questionable content. 🙁 good thing for my TypeKey)

  2. Bibi says:

    Sorry about TypeKey, it’s doing crazy if you don’t sign in. It said this to me before many times.

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