I Want One Of Those

Oggz Lights
Oh no… one more Think Geek, an English one: I Want One Of Thosestuff you don’t need… but you really, really want. Why do the people show me those things? Anyway, the tagline is great, isn’t it?
I can make a huge list of cool things that I saw there, but I will not do. Maybe just somethings that I loved there, like the Aurora Mood Clock – much better than my alarm clock – or the Pin Clock, Flip Flap to put on my computer desk, Naughty Weekend Kit (Do I need to explain why?), Mini Plasma Ball and Oggz Lights just for fun. There is a kitsch session, but I really don’t need anything from there.
That is really a great online store, the prices are better than the other geek shop, but, as always, there is the bad side of that: the taxes. Well, that I look that I’m sure that is something that you can like there. (via nababu)

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  1. Rap The Cat says:

    Us cats love it!

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