Sin City comparison: film and comics

Nancy and Hartigan
Since today the American Frank Miller fans can compare in the big screen his work in comics with cinema with Sin City. The film based on Millers homonym comics is directed by him and Robert Rodriguez. The movie mise en scène tried to followed the comics style and characteristics. You can see the comparison between them on Yahoo! Movies and Film Rotation. Very impressive work, and, btw, NSFW. (via Drawn!)
If you want to know more about the comics try this and this page. For more video visit IFILM.
PS.: infelizmente o filme só estréia em 27 de maio nos cinemas brasileiros.
Update: Wired has an interesting article about the technology used on the film. Read it here.

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  1. monkeyman says:

    Awesome. I’m going to see the movie today! 🙂

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