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Atom - Astro Boy

Do you remember this cartoon?

Atom had seven powers with which to defeat his enemies, but he was also a tragic figure, a robot who suffered persecution at the hands of humans. This is the source of Atom’s androgynous character, what gives him his bilateral nature. The prototype for Atom’s character was the girl robot who flew through the skies in “Metropolis” and “Perry”, the 100,000-hp jet-propelled robot created by Yokoi Fukujiro. In other words, since his conception, Atom has been a character with both boyish and girlish characteristics.

I can remember very clearly the sound of Atom’s boots running in the TV cartoon. On Tezuka Osamu @World you can find more information about this cartoon and other works of the animator. For some moments I was back to my childhood with Astro Boy, but you know Don Dracula and Princess Knight. It’s a great place to visit.

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