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The Rifleman Jimmy Olsen

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers:

The artists who created these covers probably never meant for them to to be used as spank fodder, but being the mean-spirited, immature, asshole that I am, I’ve decided to do the only thing that a grown adult would do: point out juvenile observations of unintentionally sexual acts on comic book covers.

(via Boing Boing, Cynical-C and PCL)

Comic Ads: a great collection of ads in comics. What kid did not order or dream of ordering such classics as Sea Monkeys, Polaris Subs or X-Ray glasses that we saw in the comic books. (via Drawn! and we make money not art)

Comic Art Effect: a tutorial to make your photos looks like comics with Photoshop. (via MAKE)

Kapten Kloss: suspense series from 70″s about WWII. For much more covers of comic series, like Fantomen (Phantom), visit this link. All in Swedish. (via stationsvakt)

Misty – the pool of life. The weekly “Misty” horror comic series, from 1978 to 1980. (Quiddity and The Groovy Age of Horror)

Octopus Pulp!: The octopus, known as poulpe in French, polip in Hungarian, and polypous in Classical Greek, is justifiably the essence of pulp. (via PCL)

Sci-fi book covers: a collection with many curious things; some of them are NSFW. (via Quiddity)

Serial Covers: covers from suspense, sci-fi and detective stories comic series. (via Mark)

The Weird World of Jimmy Olsen: an archive of classic, whacked-out stories from the brain-bending “Golden Age” of Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen – one of the most BIZARRE comic books ever published! (via Drawn!)

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