Is Ourmedia one more social site? Almost. It is one more social site, a place where you can find people, add them as friends, share information, create a blog and sign it via RSS. But the idea is share media and free storage:

The idea is pretty simple: People who create video, music, photos, audio clips and other personal media can store their stuff for free on Ourmedia’s servers forever, as long as they’re willing to share their works with a global audience.
Ourmedia will consist of video (blog video, music videos, television-style reports, documentaries, underground films, grass roots political ads, animation, machinima), audio (interviews with authors, oral family histories, readings of properly licensed book chapters), original music, photographs, ebooks, games, software and more. You decide what goes up on the site.

How they do this? Well, they have good sponsors and partners: Internet Archive that provides free storage space and free bandwidth; Bryght provides the free hosted service; Creative Commons; Socialtext and Broadband Mechanics.

One more great thing: everytime you upload an archive on Ourmedia you can choose a Creative Commons license and add many information about it: categories, description, keywords, notes and more information about the copyright. Take a look there: there are great videos, music, texts, images, audio an the idea is fantastic.

BTW, I created an account few days after their announce the site, but I don’t have cool things to upload there. Just in case that someone ask my nick name there is Bibi too. So why am I there? Curiosity, because I’m in everywhere (at least in the most popular social networks sites) an for fun (great stuff to see and hear). See you there.

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