Some things about colours

Disks of Newton by Frantisek Kupka
This post is about colour and art, just because I love colours, coloured things and find some interesting links about colours.
Red Alt: I Like Your Colors.
ColorWhore: a directory of nice colours.
Color Printing in the Nineteenth Century.
Color Fields Colr Pickr: find photos on Flickr by colour.
Pigments through the Ages: detailed pigment histories, recipes.
Reed Design conversion from Pantone to RGB and Hex HTML.
EasyRGB: The first RGB and COLOR search engine on the Web.
Causes of Colors: Why are things colored?. Colour and scientific explanations.
ColorZilla: extension for Firefox and Mozilla to get a colour reading from any point in your browser.
Color Vision & Art: vision science and the emergence of modern Art with some interactive tools.
Color in Motion: an animated and interactive experience of colour communication and colour symbolism.
Colour tools – choose your favourite: Color Blender, 140 Color Names for HTML, Man in Blue – Technicolor, 4096 Color Wheel, color palette creator, Color Calculator, Color Schemer, Color Scheme Generator and Colorcell.
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