The Cloud Appreciation Society

cloud = a pair of cats dancing the salsa
Some people like cats; some others like to appreciate clouds. Yes, there is The Cloud Appreciation Society: they are fighting the banality of ‘blue-sky thinking’. How? The group has a manifesto about it. I’m not sure about be member, but I liked a lot the Lookalikes gallery and the idea of search things in the clouds. I have to do this more times: search images in the clouds. And to prove that they are right, the cloud appreciators have a cloud gallery with very nice photos.

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  1. Leinad Moolb says:

    Did you know that International Cloud Lovers Day is set for April 7, 2006, but it can be celebrated or observed on any day of the year. Whatever you do or see on that day, please email your comments to
    Leinad Moolb,
    Founder, International Cloud Lovers Day

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